Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Half way point

Well I officially passed the half way point of For The Heart Of A Shifter last night. Riley and Jerrod are finally getting along, because they have too! PIC isn't far behind and Happy has refused to save their butts. (Jade isn't happy with Happy about that one!) AH well I'm sure they can figure it out together. If they don't kill each other first!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Got my cover samples today

  I'm so excited!Indie Designz Just sent the cover samples to me and wow! It's nice to finally see Jade and Ethan brought to life! She really did a great job of personifying the characters and the feel of Crimson Fury. I can't wait to see it in final draft. I'm so glad I found this artist. I think we will have a good long lasting relationship. Indie Designz will definitely be my go to for cover art from now on! Just a few more weeks and Crimson Fury will be ready for re-release. I'm really thinking about doing a free day to celebrate!

Friday, February 24, 2012

It is Done.

Today not only did I commission the cover for Crimson Fury but I have sent it in to the editor as well. I'll tell you what blogger friends, it's a scary thing indeed. It's almost like giving your child over to a stranger to watch for the day. My palms are sweaty, my stomach is in knots, I almost started to hyperventilate!Crimson Fury is my pride and joy. A year of my life went into the making of that book.
  My mother and friends keep telling me to have faith, that the stranger isn't an axe murderer and just might turn out to be Mister Rodgers. I sure hope so. Switching topics mid thought, For The Heart of a Shifter has gotten it's cover done today. I'm hoping to be done in time to have a release date of March 22,2012. We shall see. It's slow going at the moment last night for some reason the dialogue was killing me. I couldn't seem to make the two MC's play nice. He was an ass, she was a bitch. So I quit for the night hoping they would get along better today.
  Well off to continue the Children of Fury saga. May Crimson Fury come out just the way I hope it does, and Riley and Jerrod learn to be nice to each other!
  Much Love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hailey's has finally died

  Well it had a good two month run but Hailey's Coyote has finally bit the big one it seems. After a slow but steady first half of the month, Sales have completely halted. Haven't sold a single one in days. My only hope now is that I can get Crimson Fury in to edit and cover soon. The Heart of A Shifter should be finished by late next week too.This Is where it gets tricky, I have more money going out in a single month than I have coming in. Spending money to make money and all that. Sigh I just hope that once it's been fixed Crimson takes off, because I am invested in Jade's world now and she is my only hope. I bet she'd call me a pussy and tell me to man up!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Finally a novella I can sink my teeth into

Well blogger friends, after many failed attempts I have finally found a novella I can stay attached to writing. It will complement the Children Of Fury series, tentatively titled The heart of a shifter. I plan on bringing in a few minor characters from Crimson and fleshing them out a bit before their bigger roles in the sequel. While the MC's will be new to the series they might reprise their roles in the next book as well. I'm working on a rough concept for Dark Crimson so I can add them in if I find a place for them. I can only hope that the novella will do well until I can finally get Crimson Fury fixed. Gonna need that money to further the Fury series. No more unedited text or crappy covers for Jade. Well back to writing.
 Much Love,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Note worthy release

Well a fellow author friend of mine has just released a book that is so worth mentioning! Adasia Released  by Damien Darby is now on Amazon and Smash words. He has come a long way as an author and it is his very first in the Urban Fantasy genre. Brilliant new take on the same old same old. Hope you guys get the chance to check it out.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Returning books that are under 200KB

Maybe it's just me, but I honestly think you should not be able to return a novella on Amazon. I think it's really unethical to buy a book that you can read in like an hour and then turn around and return it. Take Hailey's for example. It is less than 150 "pages" long. It has bad reviews up as well as good. The blurb and tags explain what the book is about. If you choose to buy it any way, then that is on you. Seven days to return a book? Book stores would look at you like you were crazy if you read a book then a couple of days later turned around and returned it. They would know you read it, creases on the cover would tell all. But yet because it is digital that gives people the right to return it just because they didn't like it?
  How many books has some one bought that they didn't like? I've bought many. Even from Amazon that I regretted spending my money on. But I bought it. My foul. Why would I turn around and ask for my money back? The world has come down to people who wouldn't know honesty if it slapped them in the face.
   I might be wrong,and there are plenty of people who accidentally down load a book they didn't want. Not likely if you ask me. Just saying. That coupled with the fact that if it's free a book can get hundreds of downloads in a day. But once it's back up for money (a whopping 99 cents) it falls off the radar.
   So this post definitely falls under one of my rants. It's something that has bugged me for a while though. Does any one out there disagree? Talk to me people ! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally finished chapter two.

After much writers block and wandering mind I have finally finished chapter two of the new book. I think it is the lack of response to Crimson that has my mind tied up in knots. I can't seem to focus on the new until I have resolved the issues with the old. Only a few more weeks and I will have the money to put Crimson through it's professional make over. I can't wait. It will be a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. Until then I guess I will just continue to trudge through the new one and do some serious editing later. The thoughts are there, they just aren't coming out the way I need them to.
   Much Love Blogger friends,

Friday, February 10, 2012

In this Place.... Dawn Smith Books

This is the place where you will find what used to be on my main page. Everything about my daily aspirations, inspirations and frustrations can now be found here. It is this page that will be updated on an almost daily basis. If you are new to my site, I hope you find some helpful information here. As always I would love to hear from you and will answer each and every comment that I receive.
   Much Love,